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Brianna Wu

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Brianna Wu is a remarkable entrepreneur of the video gaming world, but also has many other talents. Growing up in Mississippi, Brianna was raised by her adoptive mother and father. Once she graduated from high school, Wu went on to study at the University of Mississippi. She began in 2003, and focused on journalism and political science. Shortly after starting her undergraduate education, Brianna launched an animation studio. She hoped to create an animated series in the studio, but found herself unsuccessful. Ultimately, she withdrew from the University of Mississippi and moved to Washington DC. It was while living in Washington DC that Wu grew more involved in politics. She worked as a political fundraiser for a few years before going back to finish her degree.

Brianna completed undergraduate school and received a degree in Investigative Journalism. She then went on to work professionally as a journalist until her interests were otherwise peeked. Wu found herself moved by the release of the iPhone, and inspired to work in video games and design. With this inspiration, Giant Spacekat was born in 2010. The company’s goal is to “produce the most gorgeously animated, story-driven experience on iOS to date”. Her company is based in Boston, and operates using Unreal engine. One of the most remarkable creations under Giant Spacekat is Revolution 60, an award winning iOS game.

In addition to Wu’s work in the gaming field she is also a frequent public speaker. She enjoys talking about currently issues, especially ones surrounding women in the field of technology. In her spare time Brianna enjoys racing motorcycles and running marathons. Brianna married Frank Wu in 2008.

Companies and Investments

Giant Spacekat (Head of Development, Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

By combining your interest and talents you can find the perfect career or entrepreneurial path, tailored for you. For instance, I am very interested in technology and the roles women play in technology. With my interest in the video gaming field, I’ve felt that there really were no available video games for women. The field is very much created by and for men, and I wanted to tackle this market for women. Putting together a team of women at Giant Spacekat, with some men of course, we were able to create Revolution 60. This game was largely successful, and met a need not yet addressed in the market. Find a unique angle, you feel passionately about really set yourself up for success.

Inspiring Quotes

You can go do anything you want.

Brianna’s parents

Brianna Wu's Quotes

I will say, if you thought I shook up the industry last year? Trust me, our best is yet to come.

Brianna Wu

One of my greatest frustrations as a developer is that I don’t get to spend as much time doing gamedev as I used to. The truth is, I can hire another engineer - but I can’t hire someone to replace me.

Brianna Wu

Feminism is advocating equal social, political, legal, and economic rights for women - and we are at a huge deficit with those rights.

Brianna Wu

I want to make games, and I want to provide jobs to the many talented women I know in the industry. I don’t want to be known as a victim. I want to be known as someone solving engineering problems about emotion the rest of the industry isn’t interested in.

Brianna Wu

One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that, professionally, I was unknown before Gamergate. I had more conference invites than I could accept before Gamergate. I had a show on 5by5 before Gamergate, which was a very prestigious network. I had been speaking up on women in tech for years before Gamergate.

Brianna Wu

Influential Books

- By Scott James Magner Homefront (Transgenic Wars) Hardcover


Amanda Stenquist Warner, Shigeru Miyamoto