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Fran Biderman-Gross

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Fran Biderman-Gross is the “Strategista” of Advantages, a New York City-based company that helps companies to get noticed through branding, marketing, and print production management. Fran’s company motto is, “There’s more room in your mailbox than your inbox.”

Fran Biderman-Gross’s professional background includes more than twenty years’ professional experience in the niche print industry. Regarding Advantages, Fran states that, “In the digital age, social exposure is free and cheap. There’s a lot you can do. So, why eliminate print? You can get a lot more return on investment for minimally printing. I’m starting the conversation where everyone isn’t talking.”

Fran Biderman-Gross started her entrepreneurial career when she was in her twenties along with her first husband. They started Advantages “…in 1992 in the basement of Fran’s basement” as a diverse print company with all the “tchotchkes” - two additional divisions in cell phones and office furniture, plus offering premium promotional packages and materials - because she’d “always known she was going to do that.” When her husband passed away twelve years ago, Fran Biderman-Gross kept his name as a tribute to him because they’d started Advantages together. “We’d always called it our third child,” said Fran of her company.

Fran Biderman-Cross is currently working on a book with the working title Print on Purpose or Why Print, that is due to be released in the summer of 2013. The book conveys the purpose-based philosophy of “you’ve got to have cause, purpose and belief of your company.”

When one understands that, one attracts like-minded employees and clients. The relationship that develops is based on a different value system so the product the company produces can be a “moving target.” Fran Biderman-Gross uses the Apple Company as an example of a business that “challenges the status quo” instead of limiting the evolution of their product base. She and her company Advantages understands that philosophy and integrates it into top-notch and customized service to her clients.

Companies and Investments

• Advantages, CEO and Founder Advantages is a marketing company that offers clients a diverse array of communications-based products including purpose discovery and strategic positioning under the umbrella of strategy and branding, and web development.

• Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Member. The Entrepreneurs' Organization is dedicated to transforming the lives of the entrepreneurs who transform the world.

Lessons Learned

“As a single mother and a widow, Entrepreneurs’ Organization became a safe place for me. I’d found a place where I could compete against myself and no one else.” Imagine this sad-ish story - I was at a pretty difficult time in my life. My husband had just passed away. A year later, a former New York EO sponsor of mine literally pulled me out of the door. They came to my home with a babysitter they’d brought (I had two small children). Then, they literally dragged me by my hair (and caught a little bit of ear, too) into a meeting. As soon as I walked in, I felt like I was home.

“This is my overnight success year. It took me twenty years to get here.” First, I remarried to this nice, younger guy who didn’t have any children. We had a baby, and I took a couple of years off from working just to raise her until the age of six.

Then, I focused on my business, which has never been better! For every overnight success story you hear, year in and year out, you learn that it actually took them several years to get there. With an average of between seven and eleven years of work, the successful brand “suddenly” skyrockets.

“I don’t make the right decision every time, I make the right decision with all the information that I have. So, I give myself (and my staff) permission to keep improving.” I learned that when my first husband became really ill. The best piece of advice we ever got was, “ You’re going to try one medication that’s going to close you off another medication, and you’re just going to go down your own path.

Whatever you choose to do, whatever decision you make in that time? Own it, and be proud of it. Don’t ever go back. Do the best you can do for that decision, that moment, with all the information you have.”

Inspiring Quotes

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Scott Adams

The more mistakes we make, the more we learn. I say it often, but if I can empower other people to understand and to be like it’s okay to make the decisions that you make and be accountable for them, just own it. I’m just the best person I can be every day. What more can I try to be than that?


Fran Biderman-Gross's Quotes

Wish for it, plan it, then see it in your future!

Fran Biderman-Gross

Influential Books

Michael E. Gerber - The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It