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Zoe Sakoutis

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Zoe Sakoutis is an American businesswoman, entrepreneur, and the founder of BluePrint Cleanse, the first line of juice cleanses to offer different levels of intensity. Attending Marymount College, Sakoutis graduated with a BA in Communications before relocating to New York City, where she wrote and developed pitches for TV shows and also moonlighted as a bartender at the Hudson Hotel. After battling a cold, Sakoutis was turned onto juice cleansing by a raw-food enthusiast. She soon thereafter began experimenting with her own recipes and then studied at the Ann Wigmore Health Institute in Puerto Rico in 2001, becoming a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

BluePrint Cleanse officially launched in 2000 with a line of cleanses that allowed people to choose which level they wanted, depending on their dietary habits and history. In 2012, BluePrint expanded to offer a line of cold-pressed juices for those wanting a nutritional boost without embarking on the full-blown cleanse. It was at that point that Whole Foods Market and other natural grocers began carrying their products, propelling their revenue to increase by 100%. In 2012, BluePrint sold $20 million in juices and nut bars. In December of 2013, the company was acquired by Hain Celestial Group for an undisclosed amount.

Companies and Investments

BluePrint, Inc. (Founder & President)

Lessons Learned

I believe in the whole “work hard, play hard” thing and do my best to adopt this way of living in my own life.

Taking care of yourself and paying attention to what you put into your body shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we wanted to make healthier options more accessible to people.

If you have a vision, work hard and do everything it takes to make it a reality.

Create a product or offer a service that people can actually benefit from, and that they find easy to access.

Just because your background is in one industry or category doesn’t mean you are pigeonholed to that area for the rest of your life.

Take chance, be healthy, and love your life.

Inspiring Quotes

Zoe Sakoutis's Quotes

At the end of the day, a cleanse is very debated in the medical community, but you have to trust your body. We’re not trying to be prescriptive about it. It’s fruits and vegetables.

Zoe Sakoutis

Cleansing also helps clear your mind because your body isn’t working so hard to digest, and your cells are detoxifying, giving your brain room to function at its maximum capacity.

Zoe Sakoutis

I created BluePrint for myself and for the many like-minded people I knew, who lived at a demanding pace but were searching for a practical, accessible system of cleansing to help them maintain their health and balance

Zoe Sakoutis

Influential Books

Zoe Sakoutis - The 3-Day Cleanse: Your BluePrint for Fresh Juice, Real Food, and a Total Body Reset


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