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Wences Casares

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Wences Casares is a technology entrepreneur, based in Palo Alto, California, with global business experience specializing in technology and financial ventures. He is founder and CEO of Xapo, a bitcoin wallet and vault startup. In July 2014, Xapo raised $20 million, bringing its total backing to $40 million.

From Patagonia, Argentina, Casares launched the country’s first Internet Service Provider: Internet Argentina S.A. in 1994, a company he would go on to sell in order to found the Argentine online brokerage Patagon in 1997. With Casares serving as Chairman and CEO, Patagon established itself as Latin America’s first comprehensive Internet financial services portal and expanded its online banking services to the United States, Spain and Germany. Patagon was acquired by Spanish bank Banco Santander for $750 million in 2000.

Later, Casares founded Wanako Games, a videogame developer headquartered in New York City with development based out of Santiago, Chile. Wanako Games developed the award-winning game Assault Heroes honored as “Game of the Year: for Microsoft Xbox Live in 2006, and was later acquired by Activision.

In 2002, Casares along with his partners founded Banco Lemon, a retail bank for the underbanked in Brazil. Banco de Brasil, Brazil’s largest bank, acquired Banco Lemon in June 2009.

From 2004-2007, Casares and his family circumnavigated the globe aboard their sailing catamaran, Simpatica.

Casares was the founder and CEO of Lemon, a digital wallet platform. In 2013, the American firm LifeLock bought Lemon for about $43 million.

Companies and Investments

Xapo (founder, CEO), Lemon.com (founder & CEO), BlingNation (former co-CEO), Wanako Games (founder), Patagon (founder).

Endeavor (board member), Lemon Bank (board member), Grupo Nueva (board member), Viva Trust (board member).

Lessons Learned

If you have an idea and you wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself if you didn’t try it, no matter the consequences, only then should you go forward.

Inspiring Quotes

Wences Casares's Quotes

I get nervous when young first-time entrepreneurs say ’I want to be a serial entrepreneur.’ I feel like that’s saying, ‘I want to get married many times.’

Wences Casares

I often feel that being an entrepreneur is a fancy way of saying you are a doer. Entrepreneurs are really good at getting things done.

Wences Casares

I saw an opportunity to catalyze entrepreneurship in the Southern Cone.

Wences Casares

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