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Taso Du Val

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Taso Du Val is the co-founder and CEO of Toptal.

After dropping out of high school to pursue his passion for technology, Taso gained experience as a lead engineer at Fotolog and Slide, which were both later acquired by other companies, as well as experience with his own start-ups. While running a small engineering consulting firm, Taso recognized that while many of his co-workers overseas were just as good as his friends and colleagues at Google, Facebook and other companies with distinguished engineering talent, it was simply very difficult for such companies to connect with right engineers remotely.

Toptal was thus created as a solution to the skyrocketing demand for top engineers in Silicon Valley, the U.S., and Europe despite the shrinking local graduation rates of such engineers. Du Val started Toptal to connect companies with the best software engineers around the world. He says Toptal is profitable and had nearly $100 million in sales for 2015. The company is rumored to be valued at north of half a billion dollars.

Source: Toptal, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine

Companies and Investments

Toptal (CEO); Art.sy (founding member, advisor); ETN.fm (former founder)

Lessons Learned

Teaching your employees something new creates an instant connection, and they will respect you for it. If you can do this in a job interview, you will be sure to attract the smartest people.

Inspiring Quotes

The only surefire antidote to capital market climate change is positive cash flow. If you generate cash, investors mean nothing. If you do not, then your success will depend upon the kindness of strangers.

Ben Horowitz

Speed is irrelevant if you are going in the wrong direction.


Taso Du Val's Quotes

Money doesn’t mean much to a lot of the smartest people in the world—they want to grow their intelligence rather than their wallet. If you show employees that they will progress intellectually in their career, and economically while at your company, then they will want to work for you.

Taso Du Val

Influential Books

Richard P. Feynman - Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character)