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Shiza Shahid

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Shahid helped Malala Yousafzai when she was shot for her education efforts in Pakistan in 2012. After helping care for Malala, Shahid then turned to implement a platform to help educate girls. She worked with Malala as her consultant.

Prior to this, Shahid had attended Stanford and was working as a McKinsey consultant in Dubai. She was born and raised in Islamabad, near Swat Valley Pakistan. At the young age of 14, she began volunteering with female prisoners. Two of the fund’s most ardent supporters are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The New York Company, run by Malala, her father, and Shahid wants to create a global movement.

Shahid speaks and presents at seminars all over the world about the importance of females having education and having a voice. She also writes blogs and articles on the subject.

Companies and Investments

Malala Fund (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

The greatest lesson is to always use your voice. And if you do not have a voice, fight for it. Only with a voice can we change the issues of the world. I use my voice every day, and know what a privilege it is to say that I do so. Always use your voice.

Inspiring Quotes

This award is not just for me. It is for those forgotten children who want education.

Malala Yousafzai

The smallest coffins are the heaviest.


Who taught you that the value of a woman is the ratio of her waist to her hips and the circumference of her buttocks and the volume of her lips? Your math is dangerously wrong her value is nothing less than infinite.

Della Hicks-Wilson

Shiza Shahid's Quotes

I saw the evolution from when the doctors said she was going to die; to when the doctors said she was going to lose her voice.

Shiza Shahid

For me, the challenge was understanding whats going on and why people have had successes and failures.

Shiza Shahid

She wanted to continue what she was doing.

Shiza Shahid

Were a true startup.

Shiza Shahid

Influential Books

- Love, InshAllah: The Secret Love Lives of American Muslim Women

Malala Yousafzai - I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban


Megan Smith