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Nathan Bond

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Nathan Bond knew getting married would be a life-changing experience, but he would have no idea that it would also be groundbreaking for both of their careers. Nathan and Anna, married in 2008, have since launched Rifle Paper Co. The idea from Rifle Paper Co. came from hand-designed wedding invitation. Anna created a wedding invitation design, and had the design printed for all of the invitation. Guests who received this invitation were greatly interested in the custom design. Consequently, more custom wedding invitations were requested from Anna.

Nathan saw opportunity in this Anna’s creative eye. He saw potential for the couple to build a business. Based in Winter Park, Florida, Rifle Paper Co. was officially launched in 2009. The company started as a stationary business, but now they like to consider themselves a lifestyle company. Nathan is the primary driving force of the company’s behind the scenes operations, acting as the Director of Business Development.

Before Rifle Paper Co., Nathan attended some college. He left undergraduate school to pursue being a full-time musician. He toured with his band for almost five years before returning to Central Florida for Rifle Paper Co. Rifle Paper Co. continues to thrive, employing over 120 people.

Companies and Investments

Rifle Paper Co. (Co-Founder, Director of Business Development)

Lessons Learned

Looking at history of business can be a great teaching tool. By studying other business models we are able to see what methods are more successful than other. This has allowed me to employ the appropriate business strategies needed to maintain the successfulness of Rifle Paper Co. For instance, consider a business that primarily sells to U.S. consumers. When the U.S. economy takes a downturn there is no other market to rely on. By studying other business models, I did not have to learn this lesson for myself. To combat this type of obstacle we could diversify our markets, selling to not only one country, but multiple continents.

Inspiring Quotes

Hand-painted illustrations and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless.

Anna Bond

Nathan Bond's Quotes

We want to be as diversified as possible, so if our economy softens, then we have a strong customer base in, for instance, Sweden and Japan.

Nathan Bond

When were looking to develop a product, well pick a retail price range before we know anything about the production costs.

Nathan Bond

Once we established the look, we pushed the parameters.

Nathan Bond

We got started in stationery, but weve always viewed Rifle as a lifestyle brand.

Nathan Bond

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Anna Bond