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Michael Palmer

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Michael Palmer is the founder and President of i360, a for-profit analytics company developed to support the efforts of Republican campaigns. Palmer, who holds a bachelor’s in political science from The George Washington University, co-founded his first company, a project management and ecommerce software development firm, in 1997. He left the company, WEBPros, in 2001, and spent several years diving in to political campaigning. He worked on the eCampaign for the Bush-Cheney ’04 political campaign, continuing to work in campaign solutions after the campaign’s close. In 2006, he joined the John McCain’s presidential bid as National eCampaign Director and CEO, staying with the effort until its close in 2008.

In 2009, Palmer took the experience he’d garnered in the Bush and McCain campaigns and founded i360. The company, which is heavily backed by the Koch brothers, develops complex profiles of American voters. While voter information is available at a lower cost through the RNC, candidates are willing to pay higher costs for i360s comprehensive profiles, which feature information such as estimated income, voting history, a car brand. The company also provides analytics, so that campaigns can put this massive data resource to good use. Prominent clients have included Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Joni Ernst of Iowa, as well as Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.

Companies and Investments

i360 (Founder, President), John McCain 2008 (National eCampaign Director, CTO), Bush-Cheney ’04 (eCampaign), WEBPros (Co-founder)

Lessons Learned

Digital is kind of a new tool in the toolbox over the past decade or so, and it really allows us from a political standpoint to do what we’ve been doing through data for years, which is targeting individuals and households offline, through grassroots, through door knocks, through phone calls, through direct mail. Now we’re able to take a target, largely those same people in the online space, and even in the television space. No matter what medium you’re trying to reach those targeted voters through, you know you’re reaching them. (Michael Palmer on the value of targeted outreach and knowing your audience, in a RampUp 2015 panel discussion)

Inspiring Quotes

Michael Palmer's Quotes

We want to provide the highest quality experience for our customers and make their jobs as easy as possible.

Michael Palmer

We discovered, after 2012, that having a great database isn’t all that useful unless you can make it actionable for people, by building tools and software.

Michael Palmer

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