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Michael Anderson

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Michael Anderson, a former professional basketball player, is an entrepreneur from Orange County, California. Anderson is a serial entrepreneur that has started 3 software companies. His current software company is in the field of ERP software. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business. ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing.

Anderson is a re-seller of ERP software for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

In 2008, however, things weren’t going too well for Anderson. He was feeling terribly unhappy--personally and professionally. Then on April 1, 2008, at 11:00 AM, his business partner assaulted him in their offices.

That was a life-changing event for Anderson, which really caused him to reflect. He realized that he was far too consumed with where he was in life, what position he was in and what material things he had. Though he felt he was doing OK on “the scoreboard”, he was unhappy inside. So, as many entrepreneurs do, he decided to make a major change. He decided to embark on a journey move himself to a more happy, peaceful and joyous “place.”

As a result, Michael spent the next five years scouring the planet in search of that “place.” Along the way, he spent two years earning a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. “That experience was transformational”, he says.

Now, though he still has his ERP software company, Anderson's primary mission is to spread the joey and knowledge he attained. In fact, his latest company Executive Joy is based upon doing just that. “I teach executives how to be happy,” he says.

Michael is a much sought-after speaker, teacher and personal life-coach. The stated company mission of Executive Joy is: "To teach competitive, driven, high-achieving business people how to become more happy, authentic, and fulfilled, all while becoming even more successful."

Companies and Investments

ERP Software

Executive Joy

Lessons Learned

The biggest lie in the universe is: “I’ll be happy when I ….”

I’ll be happy when I’m more wealthy. I’ll be happy after I get married. I’ll be happy when I get divorced. I’ll be happy when I reach my target weight.

Well it’s a trick that our ego plays on us. It’s keeping us out of the present. The good thing is there is a very simple, quick change we can make when this comes up. Simply use this as a trigger to come into the here and now, and ask yourself what you can be happy about NOW? Make a quick gratitude list. Good chance there are a lot of good things that you can point to.

There’s always going to be things in your future that you are looking forward to. That’s a good thing! Here is what I challenge you to do; Enjoy the Journey. Go for it. Don’t be tied to the outcome.

Inspiring Quotes

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.


Michael Anderson's Quotes

Go for it now! Do not wait for perfection. Get out there now and just changes the things you need to later.

Michael Anderson

Influential Books

Don Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)




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