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Matt Monahan

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Matt Monahan is an social entrepreneur and marketing professional who was one of the earliest entrepreneurs to emerge from the “Facebook Class” out of Stanford University. After graduating from Stanford in 2008 with a BA in Communication, Monahan co-founded Sharethrough in 2008, a leading advertising automation company. Monahan also worked as a social strategist for Mekanism and a social director for Epic Media Group until leaving to co-found AlphaBoost, a decision support system for social marketers.

As the company’s CEO, Monahan helped the company grow to become one of the top of its kind. In 2013, Monahan was looking to sell the tech startup when a photo of him drunk in India was plastered all over social media. Since then, Monahan has “disappeared into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest” to find himself and work on his non-fiction novel, War & Porn.

In addition to his contribution to the world of social tech start-ups, Monahan has served as an advisor for numerous companies, including Hustler for Hire.

Companies and Investments

AlphaBoost (Founder & CEO), The Comotion Group (Co-Founder), Sharethrough (Founder), Hustler for Hire (Investor)

Lessons Learned

Never stop learning or being interested in new things. Once that happens, you are in trouble.

In order for a company to be successful, you must pay attention to societal changes and go with the flow.

Social media platforms are a great resource for all business owners. Don’t be afraid to use them!

It helps to bounce ideas off of other people, especially when first starting out. You never know what you may come up with.

The most successful marketers are those who use a calculated blend of art and science to deliver meaningful messages.

Social media can do both good and harm, so be careful how you choose to use it.

Inspiring Quotes

Matt Monahan's Quotes

As they say, it’s always more fun attacking than defending. And if you get where you are going too fast, as I did, you’ll spend your whole life defending your path.

Matt Monahan

Truth is, I probably shouldn’t have even got accepted into Stanford.

Matt Monahan

I’ve been on the apprentice-for-cool-people kick lately.

Matt Monahan

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