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Kunal Sarda

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Kunal Sarda is a New York based engineer and management consultant. He is currently the co-founder and COO of VerbalizeIt, a human-powered translation app with the purpose of streamlining localization. VerbalizeIt was created in early 2011 with co-founder Ryan Frankel. Sarda has lived in over twenty-five different countries in his lifetime, and received secondary and post-secondary schooling in India. He has an undergraduate degree in engineering from Dayalbagh Educational Institute in India, thereafter moving to The United States and continuing his studies. He graduated with a Masters in industrial and systems engineering from Virginia Tech, and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Before VerbalizeIt, Sarda was a management consultant to an array of clients ranging from small-scale operations to Fortune 500 companies. In their early stages, Sarda was a consultant to Novo Nordisk, Merck and AstraZeneca, providing guidance in their global commercial strategies. He was the senior analyst at marketRx until 2007, when he took the position of engagement manager with IMS Health.

Sarda met Ryan Frankel and co-founded VerbalizeIt while pursuing his MBA at The Wharton School. The idea was a culmination of the founders’ shared poor experiences while travelling abroad. Sarda, on a business trip in Europe, once lost his wallet, money and room key after an evening at a Milan bar. What followed was hours of frustration trying to return to his Paris hotel, a task far more daunting than the four-year French student had anticipated.

VerbalizeIt currently boasts more than 19,000 translators worldwide, covering over 150 different languages. Its goal is facilitating communication for businesses and individuals internationally, combining the speed of other digital translation engines with the precision of human interpretation. VerbalizeIt was named the 2013 Travel Startup of the Year at the 2013 PhoCusWright conference, and was favorably received when featured on the television show “Shark Tank”.

Companies and Investments

VerbalizeIt (co-founder, COO)

Lessons Learned

Kunal Sarda has experienced cultures all over the world in various contexts, be it business or domestic, and has encountered the difficulties of language barriers first-hand. He has dedicated himself to facilitating communication regardless of location or nationality, and is on a self-proclaimed “mission to break language barriers around the world.”

Inspiring Quotes

The world is yours!

Al Pacino as Tony Montana

Kunal Sarda's Quotes

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—[[:Category:56% = number of consumers who say appropriate language > price when purchasing|Kunal Sarda]]

Some of our largest and most loyal customers have resulted from our ability to transform critical feedback into business opportunities.

Kunal Sarda

[[Category:56% = number of consumers who say appropriate language > price when purchasing|56% = number of consumers who say appropriate language > price when purchasing]]

Influential Books

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Chuck Klosterman - Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto

Paulo Coelho - Adultery: A novel

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