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Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba is a Golden Globe-nominated actress whose career includes roles in films such as "Fantastic Four" and "Little Fockers," as well as television series like "Dark Angel," "The Office" and "Entourage."

The California native comes from modest beginnings, and never lost her zeal to share her good fortune with others. She is actively involved with charities such as Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, ONE, Habitat for Humanity, Project HOME and more.

As a mother of young daughters (4-year-old Honor and newborn Haven), Jessica admits she feels an intense responsibility to give her children the best possible start.

She founded The Honest Co. to provide safe, beautiful, convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly products for moms and their children.

Companies and Investments

The Honest Co. (founder)

Lessons Learned

I grew up in Southern California, so I lived through the drought, and we were always turning off lights to save electricity. Also, as a kid, off and on, I lived with my grandparents, who grew up during the Depression. They had five repurposes for everything, so I always had that mentality. My family had the blue bin for recycling, though we didn't compost- I do now. Thank God the composter is out back by the trash cans, because it stinks; someone has to figure out at a way to make them not stink!

There were definitely two A ha! moments that inspired me to create The Honest Company. At the time they happened, though, they felt more like a scary experience to a new mom. When pregnant with my first daughter Honor, I washed her clothes in THE “baby-safe” laundry detergent everyone recommended. After doing one load, I broke out in a rash. And if I had such a bad allergic reaction, I knew it couldn’t be good for a new baby. Then, when Honor was six months old, I went to get her after a nap only to find her eating her diaper! Seriously, her face, skin, and crib sheets were covered with absorbent gel beads that had exploded everywhere when the diaper became too full. Worried about the use of toxic chemicals — okay, more like freaked out! — I ran to find the diaper package and couldn’t believe it didn’t even list ingredients. I looked online and, again, nada—nothing.

So, I went into crazy research mode. I scoured the Internet and read the book, “Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home” by Christopher Gavigan, and learned about untested toxic chemicals in everyday products like baby shampoo, diapers, home furnishings and household cleaners. I then purchased the healthy alternatives, only to learn that the supposed natural products I just bought still had the ingredients in them I was trying to avoid or they simply just didn’t work.

Frustrated about the lack of healthy options that performed and were accessible, I saw a void that needed to be filled. And I also knew Christopher felt the same way— something needed to be done to transform the traditional product landscape into one where families everywhere could easily find healthy, safe products. So together, along with Brian Lee and Sean Kane, we created Honest.com because there needed to be a family brand that actually cares about the health of people and the planet over profit margins. Our focus is on creating high performance, beautifully designed products that are affordable and obviously don’t ever use toxic chemicals.

Like our kids, we’ve grown so much in such a short time. Since our initial product offering, we’ve launched the health and wellness category and expanded our existing categories to offer over 80 products. After two years in business, our latest investment round has brought us up to $52 million in funding. Our first year revenues were around $12 million. Currently, we’re reaching north of $50 million in revenue with a run rate to do over $100 million. We now have just under 300 employees in our new office and a new customer service center helping to take us to the next level.

Finding the right partners has been key to our continued success. With Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee and Sean Kane, I’ve found partners that complement my skill set with their own expertise to maintain the clarity of the vision we’ve established from the beginning.

As a social media user, I’ve also seen how maintaining an organic connection with our Honest parents through tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest affects our business on a daily level. We get honest feedback about how our products change families’ lives for the better, alleviating symptoms of chronic respiratory illness, allergies and dermatological issues. Consumer communication constantly inspires us to improve and innovate in ways that address the way families live today. We receive up to 5,000 calls a day and, unlike any other family brand, we use that information to pivot and iterate on product and process constantly.

I believed that there was a real opportunity for my idea, but I had to overcome a lot of self-doubt about establishing and running a business. I wanted to ensure I did my research on the marketplace to support my experience and partnered with people who were clear about creating a sustainable business model, which took years of rejection and patience. I like to say I went to the business school of Brian Lee and every day has been a learning experience.

At the company, we like to say we’re honest, not perfect. We really listen to our customers and our internal teams to pivot as quickly as possible when it comes to addressing any challenges. For example, we heard a lot of feedback from parents about our wipes, which were a key item for our launch. We knew how much it meant for the business as well as the brand to do them right, so we pulled the wipes, reformulated and re-launched them within four months. We listened to our audience and now they’re a bestseller.

Inspiring Quotes

Thank you @BarackObama for new major regulations on emissions & enviro policy - a bold needed move.

Christopher Gavigan

Maya Angelou will always be the people’s poet. A fierce survivor whose love of many languages inspired & represented the best of America.

John Kerry

Life is a constant gift. Our baby blessing this evening for our son.

Jaime King

Beyonce is Pound 4 Pound the best performer in the business,she put on a phenomenal show last night! She threw me a towel & I fainted lmao

Kevin Hart

Look past material success and find sustainable, long-term happiness inside yourself.

Russell Simmons

Jessica Alba's Quotes

My favorite airline is going public today - congrats #VirginAmerica! Everything Looks Better With Moodlighting!

Jessica Alba

Every five years I feel like Im a completely different person.

Jessica Alba

I feel proud of what Honest has done so far. This is a business I can pass down to my daughters.

Jessica Alba

I buy makeup with no petrochemicals in it. My three go-to brands are Koh Gen Do, Youngblood, and Hourglass.

Jessica Alba

I didnt want anything in my home that could make my children sick.

Jessica Alba

Influential Books

Victoria Kann - Pinkalicious: The Pinkamazing Storybook Collection


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