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Jason Korman

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Born in the state of New York on September 24, 1960 and an alum of George Washington University, Jason Korman is a serial entrepreneur and the Co founder & CEO of Gapingvoid. A company that finds solutions for business' toughest issues--changing the internal and external culture via visual arts. Korman's first entrepreneurial endeavor was at the age of nineteen when he founded International Wine Exchange, three more wine companies followed while still in his 20s until his foray into the world of visual arts & social media.

Jason has become a prominent figure as a change maker in the world of business & technology

He currently resides in Miami Beach, where Gapingvoid is based

Companies and Investments

Gapingvoid, Stormhoek Winery, California Direct, La Crema Winery, and the International Wine Exchange

Lessons Learned

That 'aha, I am an entrepreneur' moment for me was when I was about twelve years old. I wrote my first business plan, I just did not know that was what you called it. I wanted to plant grapevines in the backyard and I needed a couple of 100 bucks from my dad to do it. I wanted him to fork out the money, and yes, he bought it. He was delighted and I could not figure out at the time why he was. Now I understand.

As an entrepreneur there are ideas one needs to get comfortable with in order to do your best. Those ideas are about dealing with fear, and taking action; as well as understanding the relationship between your business--the market, and other people. It is about having an intellectual curiosity about subject matters that will affect your day to day. It is about a need and desire to always improve, learn and change.

When dealing with setbacks, it is like the Sinatra song--you dust yourself off, you pick yourself up, and you start over again--and THAT is what you do.

Part of the wonderful thing of American culture, and the world that we live in today, is reinvention. If you are willing to try, and work hard, the setbacks do not matter. You can do whatever you want.

(When asked if he could go back in time and give some advice to his 20-year-old self, Korman responded) Be more cautious, be more considerate, and remember that you need to always do your absolute best, but above all, be patient.

Inspiring Quotes

Welcome to nobody cares, population 6 billion

Hugh MacLeod

Insanely great takes insanely forever

Hugh MacLeod

Jason Korman's Quotes

We are in the quote business

Jason Korman

You need to align what you want to achieve with what you are willing to do to get there

Jason Korman

Influential Books

Earls - I'll Have What She's Having byEarls

Malcolm Gladwell - Malcolm Gladwell: Collected

- The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Paperback 2002 (Author) Malcolm Gladwell


Father, Sash Spencer, Melvyn Estrin