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David Eraker

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David Eraker, co-founder of Redfin, has only just now made a reemergence in the media. Before starting Redfin, Eraker graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Biochemistry.

Eraker caught the entrepreneurial bug when he came up with the idea for Redfin with David Selinger in 2006. Redfin is the real estate industry’s first online brokerage. By combining maps, MLS listings, tax records and analytics, Redfin has become one of the most popular sites for people to find, buy and sell homes in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Eraker left the Seattle online real estate startup a few months after it raised an $8 million venture in May 2006.

After starting Redfin, Eraker left to form Mindsite in 2007. Mindsite is a website that attempts to help people find relevant information related to mental health issues. And after leaving Mindsite in 2010, Eraker went on to work at Microsoft Research as a Product Development Consultant for two years.

Eraker would later re-emerge as a real estate icon in 2012 when he formed Surefield, a real estate brokerage that combines technology with agents to get customers more buyers with less hassle. The company uses sophisticated virtual tours to help draw more prospective homebuyers to the sellers’ homes, and the website uses a filtering system to separate the serious prospective buyers from “looky-loos.”

Companies and Investments

Surefield (Co-founder). Mindsite (Founder). Redfin (Co-founder).

Lessons Learned

Sometimes, taking a break from the entrepreneurial business is good for the soul. Think of it this way: When you're in a startup business, you have to dedicate yourself to it 100 percent. All of your time goes towards it and you never get a break. This is why I took a break after Redfin.

Inspiring Quotes

David Eraker's Quotes

This was a company run out of apartments, by people working without pay, often against long odds. With that kind of heart, weve been able to come a long ways from where we began, and can go much further still.

David Eraker

The only way to develop a call center oriented business is to get on the phone yourself, with customers, and start taking calls.

David Eraker

Every time our world seems to be cracking like a piece of glass we start putting it back together when in fact our glass house has to shatter.

David Eraker

Influential Books

Ramez Naam - Infinite resource:The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet (Hardcover) by Ramez Naam (University Press of New England)


Sam Kinney, Ronald Kessler