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Daniel Baumwald

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TheraPearl CEO Daniel Baumwald is an expert in adapting to new industries. Graduating from Shepherd University with a BS in Business Administration and Sports and Events Management in 2002, he began his career after graduation as an event manager for the Washington Redskins. In August 2003, he began working for Glaceau Vitaminwater and Smartwater as a Regional Sales Manger, later serving as National Account Manager for the company from November 2008 to May 2009.

Baumwald’s unconventional move from his upper-level position at a large, established beverage company to a small start-up didn’t come without hesitation. When TheraPearl founders Gina Dubbé and Gary Rezeppa approached Baumwald about joining the company, he was skeptical. Before leaving his position with Coca-Cola’s enhanced water division, he took TheraPearl samples to the food court of the Columbia Mall and took an informal survey. When every passer-by he questioned though the product seemed cool, he knew the company had potential. He joined TheraPearl as Vice President in May 2009, and has been serving as President and CEO since March 2012. TheraPearl, which creates unique hot and cold packs filled with gel beads, has grown rapidly under his lead. It’s 2,017% growth between 2010 and 2013 secured TheraPearl a place on Inc Magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies in 2013. Through partnerships with Boots and Bausch & Lomb, he led the company to international expansion, bringing TheraPearl products to the UK, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and Asia in 2013.

In June 2014, TheraPearl was acquired by rehabilitation and wellness product company Performance Health. Baumwald continued with the company as Vice President and General Manager of North American Retail.

Companies and Investments

Performance Health (Vice President and General Manager), TheraPearl LLC (President, CEO), Glaceau Vitaminwater and Smartwater (National Accounts Manager), Washington Redskins (Event Manager)

Lessons Learned

By all accounts this was a very unconventional move, as most of the people in the food and drink industry stay there for life. But after my wife had given birth to our second child I had the opportunity to come over to TheraPearl, which at the time was a brand new start up company. I felt it was a risk worth taking as even if it wasn’t a success I’d be learning more in one year failing than I’d have been able to learn in my previous role. With TheraPearl itself it was a great opportunity for an exciting start up company in a category that had no market leader, no consumer loyalty and no brand champion. (on the importance of taking risks in order to grow, in an interview with Total Sports Nutrition)

In the US we took a very specific and targeted approached. We wanted to be different. We want to make sure consumers can see the product and touch the product. We want that consumer interaction before you buy. We wanted to have an iconic color - aqua blue - which really stands out. Most other hot or cold products are a deep blue or deep red, so we stand out from the crowd. We wanted to make sure consumers could see us. We set out to be the sexiest hot and cold pack, and I think we have achieved that. Even though, in all honestly, it is not a very sexy category. (on setting yourself apart from the pack, in an interview with Sports Insight)

Inspiring Quotes

Daniel Baumwald's Quotes

I felt it was a risk worth taking as even if it wasn’t a success I’d be learning more in one year failing than I’d have been able to learn in my previous role.

Daniel Baumwald

Never turn down an opportunity just because the risk outweighs the reward.

Daniel Baumwald

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