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Dale Earnhardt

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Dale Earnhardt died on a turn at the Daytona Speedway in 2001, but he left behind more than NASCAR victories and trophies. His entrepreneur skills in the racing industry were far and wide. He owned race teams, businesses, and chicken farms and had great success at all his business ventures.

The man known as “The Man in Black” or “The Intimidator” was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina in 1951 to a son of a racecar driver, Ralph Earnhardt. He quit high school at the age of sixteen to race. He got his start on the dirt tracks sprinkled throughout the South. In 1979 he was awarded the NASCAR Rookie of the Year. He appeared in movies, won championships, and owned a racecar team. The year he died, he had three racers on his team.

He was known for his innovative marketing tactics such as t-shirt and souvenir sales. He appeared in several movies. Because of his aggressive racing styles, he was either loved or hated. But his concepts were highly effective as his empire called DEI, still run by his widow Teresa Earnhardt, was worth well over one hundred million dollars at his time of death. The name “The Intimidator” logos were registered with the copyright office, and sales outlets were expanded to include a cable television shopping network. Earnhardt created his own marketing company, Sports Image Incorporated, to handle the business.

Earnhardt, with a yearly income approaching $24.5 million in the late 1990s, sold the Sports Image venture for $30 million in 1996. By the year 2000 he ranked at the number forty spot on the Forbes list of 100 wealthiest celebrities. The # 3 driver won many accolades in his lifetime such as the 2001 NASCAR Most Popular Driver, ESPN’s 20 Greatest Drivers, and induction into the NASCAR Hall of Fame and North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame.

Companies and Investments

DEI (founder), Sports Image Venture (founder)

Lessons Learned

I hated to lose, but I knew lessons could be learned in every loss and every failure. Learning to embrace the lesson in every single success and every single failure, no matter how bad the situation appears, is the key to happiness and resilience. Along with the lessons learned in all situations, I also found out that in my business I had to be tough. My success was born of my resilience.

Inspiring Quotes

Also, yeah, he owned them cars, so maybe he was a little reluctant to pass us because of that. But blocking? No. If he was blocking for anybody, he was blocking for himself. But not for me, not for Michael.

Dale Earnhardt, Junior

I dont know about you but over the last couple days Ive been searching for a place to anchor my hope. When times like this come, and they come for all of us, we look to a place to anchor for stability. We want to celebrate, remember and think, and think about the man that we love.

Dale Beaver

Dale Earnhardt's Quotes

Second place is just the first place loser.

Dale Earnhardt

I enjoy Saturday night racing.

Dale Earnhardt

I’ve got to win every race.

Dale Earnhardt

Finishing races is important, but racing is more important.

Dale Earnhardt

I was just getting into my rhythm.

Dale Earnhardt

Influential Books

Simon Parsons - When the Flag Drops


Richard Childress, Ralph Earnhardt