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Daisy Fuentes

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Cuban-American Daisy Fuentes is much more than a pretty face. The spunky 46-year-old host of La Voz Kids first broke barriers as the first Latina VJ on MTV. Since then, she's made herself a household name and launched a successful fashion line with Kohl’s, a line of haircare products called Luxhair Wow, and a Wii workout game.

The successful cubana celebrated the 10th anniversary of her clothing line at New York Fashion Week.

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Lessons Learned

I think women who have always been in my life. There are some great business partners that I’ve had. My very first executive producer on MTV was a brilliant, strong Latina woman. She was the producer of a Latin show more than 20 years ago. That was groundbreaking. My mom. My sister. There are a lot of women in business as well that are now becoming faces in television, modeling, film, as well as in business and government. I feel that we’ve come a long way. When I first started, if you had asked me this question, I wouldn’t have been able to think of anybody. But today, the names and the faces and the industry and there are so many in every area, that it’s hard to pick one person that stands out. I feel we’ve all overcome a lot of obstacles. Every Latina that has made a name for herself in this country in any area, whether business or entertainment, deserves a hats-off. Just take the first step. It may seem a little overwhelming, but start small. Start in your community and town, and build from there.

I’ve always let life surprise me, and it’s an amazing path. An amazing journey. I think it continues. I continue to be surprised by the opportunities that come my way. I’m at a time in my life when I thought I’d be slowing down and getting ready to retire, and I seem to be getting busier, which I welcome. I’m having fun going along with it. But, I’m not a big planner. So, it’s not like I have some big dream or ambition that I haven’t achieved. I’ve already achieved more than I ever dreamed of.

Inspiring Quotes

Daisy Fuentes's Quotes

Today is always a perfect day.

Daisy Fuentes

I’ve had a few important crossroads in my life but the single most important decision I ever made was the day I decided to choose peace over anger. I became overtly spiritual and tamed my anger. Today, very few things can ruin my buzz. Being on this spiritual path and choosing peace, has helped me in immeasurable ways. Spirituality is always searching for answers and I need teachers in my life.

Daisy Fuentes

You know, I started modeling when I was 17 so I’ve always had my own money. I was always independent so the whole wealth thing happened slowly, organically for me. Money has never, ever been my driving force. Money doesn’t motivate me. I’ll tell you what real wealth means to me. The fact that I can take my entire family on a beautiful weeks-long vacation and I can cover everything so all we’re worrying about is creating lifelong memories; that’s having real wealth. Sharing times with the ones you love.

Daisy Fuentes

You know, the other day I saw a homeless woman who I speak to sometimes near my home and as I drove away I started to cry thinking about how hard her life is. Any kind of suffering makes me crazy. Abuse of the elderly, women, children or animals fills me with rage.

Daisy Fuentes

Most bilingual people on television speak one language better than the other. I refer to my English/Spanish combo hosting abilities as “apple pie meets frijoles negros.” I love it.

Daisy Fuentes

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