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Cyrus Massoumi

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Cyrus Massoumi is a businessman and entrepreneur who is most well-known for founding ZocDoc, an online service designed to make scheduling a healthcare appointment easier. After experiencing the frustration of being unable to see a doctor when he needed one, Massoumi got to work with his team with the intention of finding a solution to this problem that surely thousands others also experienced. A strong believer in the need for healthcare to be more accessible to the masses, Massoumi launched ZocDoc in 2007. With the help of his service, users can narrow down their doctor and dentist search using a range of criteria as well as book appointments on the spot, read patient reviews, and even fill out paperwork before the appointment. Perhaps the best feature of ZocDoc is that the majority of users receive medical care in under 72 hours.

Since ZocDoc wa established, the company has grown to more than 500 employees and is in 2,000 cities and towns across the United States. Over 5 million patients use the healthcare service a month, which is a huge accomplishment for Massoumi.

Companies and Investments

ZocDoc (Founder and CEO), McKinsey & Co. (Engagement Manager)

Lessons Learned

Those who have the most success today are able to identify a gap in the market and build upon it.

We need entrepreneurs who are focused on the greater good and introducing a product or idea that will help our population.

Never give up.

Sometimes the biggest reward requires taking a leap of faith.

Be persistent and be open to feedback from customers, partners, competitors, and everyone in between.

Work hard, keep your head down, remember that each day is a brand new day, and approach problems in a fresh new way.

Inspiring Quotes

Cyrus Massoumi's Quotes

I’ve always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur

Cyrus Massoumi

With ZocDoc, we envision a world where patients can land at an airport an airport anywhere in the world and book an appointment before they’re off the plane.

Cyrus Massoumi

The world has a lot of unsolved problems, but the one I think about the most, and believe would have tremendous impact if solves, is access to health care.

Cyrus Massoumi

I take great pride in working with my team to build a company that’s empowering people to take control of their health.

Cyrus Massoumi

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