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Colin Kroll

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Colin Kroll is a co-founder of Vine. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Oakland University, Kroll started as a software engineer at Right Media in 2006, which was later acquired by Yahoo! After the acquisition, Kroll served as a engineering manager at Yahoo! for 2 years. After a few years as an engineer and then the Chief Technology Officer, Kroll went on to co-found Vine in May 2012.

Vine, a video-sharing application for smartphones, launched in 2012 and was later sold to Twitter in October 2012. He stepped down from his position as Vine's general manager in April 2014. He still plans to serve as an advisor for the company.

Companies and Investments

Vine (Co-founder).

Lessons Learned

Know when to step down. — I knew when to take a break from Vine and when to tap out. Although it was difficult, I knew what I had to do for myself and followed my gut.

Inspiring Quotes

There is no advice. There are no rules. Vine is a living, breathing thing. We are writing the story as we speak.

Nicholas Megalis

Startups are a test of conviction in the absence of data. The larger the opportunity, the more unanswerable questions you have to accept.

Aaron Levie

Colin Kroll's Quotes

We felt that video was on the brink of becoming this new medium that everyone would use, in the same way that photos had become that medium over the previous fifteen years… We wanted to get big fast, we wanted to get this out in the world and let people connect in this way. I think it worked out really well.

Colin Kroll

Influential Books

Alastair Bonnett - Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, and Other Inscrutable Geographies


Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov (fellow Vine co-founders).