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Christel DeHaan

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Christel DeHaan is the CEO and President of CD Enterprises, Inc. She is also the Founder of Christel House, International Inc and the co-founder of Resort Condominiums International, Inc. RCI was co-founded in 1974 with Jon, her former husband. The couple started RCI in their Indianapolis home. Christel House is run by the Christel DeHaan Family Foundation and seeks to give funds to children’s care and welfare programs, the University of Indianapolis, and museums. She used some of her profits from the sale of RCI to start the foundation.

DeHaan was born in Nordlingen, Germany in 1942. Her first job was as a nanny in the United Kingdom. After that job, she relocated to the United States where she met Jon DeHaan. Ms. DeHaan also acts as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Indianapolis, President of the American Pianists Association and serves on the Boards of Directors of the Indiana Symphony Society, Dance Kaleidoscope and American United Life Insurance. She has been honored with many honorary doctorate degrees, serves on several boards such as the American United Mutual Insurance Holding, Co., and is the recipient of many prestigious national and local awards such as “19 Stars of Indiana”.

Companies and Investments

Christel House International, Inc. (Founder), Resort Condominiums International (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

A true entrepreneur is willing to take risks, work to make their ideas into a success, chase their ideas into reality, avoid road blocks that get in their way, be resourceful, and pull from creativity. A true entrepreneur has fire in their belly and then has an inner drive to become successful. A genuine entrepreneur wants to be successful and does not necessarily aspire just to be a wealthy person.

I also consider myself to be an example of the American Dream. Not only did I have fire in my belly, but also I found a need in the market place, and I created a desirable product that could fill that need.

Inspiring Quotes

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Christel DeHaan's Quotes

The boys lived there with a caregiver; they walked eight miles to school, there was no electricity because of a broken generator, and the water came from a cistern.

Christel DeHaan

I regard myself as a classic example of the American dream. What does this really mean? Simply defined, it was about understanding a need in the marketplace and devising a product that would fill that need. It was about hard work. It was stressful, and there were many sacrifices.

Christel DeHaan

I wanted to create a model that would address the systemic causes and the debilitating effects resulting from poverty: poor health, isolation, abuse and abandonment.

Christel DeHaan

Going across the schoolyard, there are hundreds of hugs, hundreds of kisses.

Christel DeHaan

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