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Chris Maier

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Chris Maier is an Oregon-based entrepreneur with years of experience in product management who is most well-known for co-founding GrowlerWerks, an innovative brand that offers a solution to the problem of stale, flat, and wasted craft beer. Prior to founding GrowlerWerks in 2014, Maier worked for a handful of companies as an engineer, product manager, and business strategist, to name a few. Maier moved to Portland with the intention of being closer to windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge and craft beer, two things he considers passions.

In 2006 while attending the University of Washington seeking an MBA in Marketing, Finance, and Business Strategy, Maier met future GrowlerWerks co-founder Shawn Huff. The worked on a fuel cell project together for a business plan competition, in which they eventually won. Fast forward to 2013 when Huff called Maier up to meet for a beer at one of their favorite local breweries. Huff offered to buy Maier a growler of beer to take home, in which he denied solely based on the fact that he knew the beer would go to waste quicker than he could drink it. This would wind up being the ‘aha’ moment for GrowlerWerks. The duo soon brought in two former co-workers of Huff’s and the four engineers got to work on the concept of GrowlerWerks. Utilizing the uKeg system, GrowlerWerks growlers keep craft beer perfectly carbonated for up to four weeks and never allow the beer to spoil.

Maier and the GrowlerWerks team embarked on a successful Kickstarter campaign in October of 2014, raising more than $1.5 million. Maier recently stepped down from GrowlerWerks to start another venture, SalesMango, which is a startup company that develops community-based digital screens designed to promote local events and businesses.

Companies and Investments

GrowlerWerks (Co-Founder & CEO), SalesMango LLC (Founder & CEO), InGeN (Business Strategist), NeoTechnologies (Founder & Director of Engineering), Harmonix (Entrepreneur in Residence - UW TechTransfer), Flow International (Product Manager), MicroPump (Applications Engineering Manager)

Lessons Learned

Never doubt yourself or think you can’t do something.

You never know where your passions and interests will take you. Keep an open mind and stay focused on what you want to get out of life.

Just because you’ve worked in one particular industry your whole life doesn’t mean it will always be this way.

Be passionate, committed, and open to new ideas. Always.

Success requires hard work, determination, and the desire to succeed.

Inspiring Quotes

Chris Maier's Quotes

We wanted to make a growler that would keep beer fresh, keep it carbonated and that was easy to use

Chris Maier

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