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Charlie Kim

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Starting out as a college student at Tufts University, in Boston, Massachusetts, Charlie Kim had a vision for business. Inspired by his increasing long-distance phone bills, with a long-distance girlfriend in New Hampshire, Kim set out for money making. His idea was to sell advertising space in directories he circulated. These directories were then branded for individual companies.

Launching in 1994 Kim raised fifteen million dollars in capital. He switched the directories from print to online, and offices in New York, Boston, DC, San Francisco, and Chicago were thriving. The dot-com-era was prosperous until it came to a screeching halt and detrimentally affected many dot-com’s, Next Jump included. Kim’s company went from 150 employees to 4—times were changing. Debt collectors even personally sued Kim, since Next Jump had nothing to give.

Falling behind on rent, facing evictions, and even bankruptcy, Kim defeated it all. Kim convinced creditors, his landlord, employees, and customers that Next Jump was something to believe in, and this is how Next Jump Survived. Next Jump began rebuilding. They were able to purchase the customer list of a failing company, and used this to grow 25% per year.

In 2011 LivingSocial partnered with Next Jump, and the companies continue to thrive. Next Jump operates with two main goals in mind, their culture and their business. Next Jump dedicates half of their time to personal growth and helping others. Next Jump believes, “Better Me + Better You = Better Us”. The other half of time at Next Jump is spent, “on fueling out business and main product”. Next Jump has been recognized by Inc. as one of the most successful companies you’ve never heard of, and Kim has spoken at many events like the Colorado Health Symposium and more. Charlie lives in Manhattan with his wife and son, Ella and Jackson.

Companies and Investments

Next Jump (Founder)

Lessons Learned

While starting out in the business industry, my company relied on profit from printed products. The 90’s brought on the dot-com-era, and we switch Next Jump over from print to the internet. There was a rapid rise of success with dot-com’s initially, when the ceiling came crashing down on the new era. Faced with threats of evictions from my landlord and suit from debtors, I knew we could succeed. I convinced my landlord that an IOU would be worth more than an eviction, if he gave me a chance to prove myself. Getting by without having to declare bankruptcy, I was determined to succeed. Purchasing another company’s client list, we were able to grow and get out of those dark times. Had I been less persistent, given up hope, and been defeated by the obstacles presented Next Jump would not have persevered.

Inspiring Quotes

Data is great when it guides thinking. But it sucks when it becomes a replacement for it.

Ethan Decker

People overestimate what they can do in short run. People underestimate what they can get done in long run.

Shiv Khemka

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Peter Gorman

People hide/fake/try to look good. Its like lying, theyre hiding the truth.

Meghan Trainor

Charlie Kim's Quotes

You dont need an exit strategy. You need a participation strategy.

Charlie Kim

A great coach has very high expectations of people. They can visualize it. Bad/mediocre coaches just dont.

Charlie Kim

Feed our failures. Give it energy by talking /sharing/ reflecting on it. This results in adjustments, the changes that lead to success.

Charlie Kim

We learn more from mistakes than successes. However if you dont ultimately prevail, mistakes lead to fear vs. confident humility.

Charlie Kim

Its been my state of mind...to grow myself & those around me to create a better world.In the early part of your life (anything below 70), you should be focused on tackling difficult stuff. Once it becomes easy, youve grown.

Charlie Kim

Influential Books


Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Kevin Parker