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Casey Elsass

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When Casey Elsass was just 28 years old, he quit his job at the Metropolitan Opera so that he could help co-found MixedMade. He and Morgen Newman founded the condiment company in Brooklyn, New York in 2014. It only took Casey and Morgen thirty days to start-up the company. Additionally, it only took the duo thirty minutes to come up with the name. They feel the name is a good reflection of who they are.

Since the company start-up in 2014, the two have added another partner Ted Barbeau. Their first offered product was Bees Knees Spicy honey. This product is made from fresh, organic honey and chili pepper.

Elsass uses raw honey obtained from the New York Hudson Honey Brook Farms. The products are now concocted in a rented space in Long Island City. Their product is known for not having any vinegar and preservatives in it.

The Mixedmade products can be found at New York State Whole Foods stores and other stores in eleven states, as well as Canada. The 2014 annual revenue came in as one billion dollars. The second product of MixedMade was released in the company’s one-year anniversary. It is called Trees Knees Spicy Syrup. The one-year anniversary of the company was in January 2015.

Companies and Investments

MixedMade (Co-Founder)

Lessons Learned

The three of us at Mixedmade have learned a few important lessons with the start-up of the company. You want to make sure that as you build the company and clients, that you focus on making relationships, not just transactions. Additioanlly, at the time of start-up there is no such thing as communicating too much. You want to make sure that transparency exists with the partners, employees, and customers at all times.

Inspiring Quotes

You can get it done by freaking out, which will make everyone else freak out as well. Or you can make it work with a smile, which will keep everyone optimistic and motivated.

Morgan Newman

Casey Elsass's Quotes

Food and life should be unexpected and un-boring.

Casey Elsass

We saw an opportunity to introduce an entirely new product, Bees Knees Spicy Honey, that not only brings an unexpected twist to every meal but also uses only the best possible ingredients.

Casey Elsass

This thing kicks like a mule. And I can take it. … The question is, across America, from a mainstream perspective, can they take that kick?

Casey Elsass

I think the American palettes always evolving. … Its a melting pot. And so I think for the adventurous consumer, its a great product.

Casey Elsass

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