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Carl VanderSchuit

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In 1996, VanderSchuit came up with the idea called Litecubes. They are small freezable cubes that contain a LED light and battery. You can drop the cube in your drink and it lights up. He did not get his product on to the market until 2001. After he had an exhibit at the Internal Housewares Show in Chicago, the cube began to sell. The product sells for $ 2.88-$3.50 per cube. At the end of 2002, VanderSchuit hit a milestone of one million in revenue sales.

VanderSchuit is also an accomplished artist with his own studio, VanderSchuit Studio Inc. in San Diego, California. He has had the studio since 1984. He attended Art Center College of Design. His photography skills are well-known and his images have been used with companies such as Miller, Pepsi, and Taylor Made among others. His Litecubes come different colors, have imprints, or even display personalized logos and names.

Companies and Investments

Litecubes (Founder), OnlyCubes (Founder), LiteFX (Founder) , Carl VanderSchuit Studio(Owner)

Lessons Learned

The greatest lesson I have learned deals with promoting and marketing a product. It is important to know you consumer. It tool me a while to get Litecubes off the ground. What I finally discovered was that it needed to be exhibited. It was a product that wasn’t super exciting in packages. Know your product and know how to market it. Once I began to take my Litecubes to exhibitions and could display it for consumers; I then began to have success in selling Litecubes. Know your product and know your market-these are very important lessons.

Inspiring Quotes

Shoot for the Moon.

Norman Vincent Peale

Carl VanderSchuit's Quotes

A neon wedding should definitely become a new trend.

Carl VanderSchuit

Did you know there is a small hole in the Litecube? You can actually string them up/together...absolutely beautiful to hang them from trees.

Carl VanderSchuit

Influential Books

Philip K. Dick - The Adjustment Bureau

Jason Livingston - Designing With Light: The Art, Science and Practice of Architectural Lighting Design