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Bryan Burkhart

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Graduating from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Bryan Burkhart was ready for the working world. With a Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurial Management and fervor to succeed, Burkhart dove into his career. Starting off at Trilogy Software in Austin, Texas, Burkhart was working in sales. It was here he gained experience and honed in his skills. Moving on to bigger things, Burkhart left Trilogy Software for Callidus Software, Inc. Burkhart accepted the role of Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Callidus Software, Inc., where he was responsible for the start-up’s revenue and sales. Getting in at the ground level of Callidus Software Inc. allowed Burkhart to grow revenue to 100 million dollars in 2003.

In the late 2000’s, shortly before the launch of H. Bloom in 2010, Burkhart was speaking with local florists for a project. Florist expressed the pros and cons of the industry—the largest con being spoilage of perishable flowers. This got Burkhart thinking about the possibility for a subscription-based flower service, in which there would be no spoilage or waste. Burkhart commissioned the help of Sonu Panda, and the two founded H. Bloom.

Burkhart and Panda worked together at both Trilogy Software and Callidus Software, Inc. Their concept for H. Bloom is subscription model that delivers upscale floral arrangements to clients. The company launched in early 2010 in New York City, where their headquarters are based. Since the launch, H. Bloom has expanded to New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many more. H. Bloom was made possible by a series of funding early on, and a great idea. The beauty of the subscription flower service is there is no waste.

H. Bloom has featured on/in ABC News, The New York Times, Fox News, The Knot, and many other major outlets. The flower subscription service earned Burkhart the #58 spot in “The Silicon Alley 100: The Coolest People In New York Tech This Year”. When not working on new developments for H. Bloom, Burkhart’s enjoys spending time with his family and writing. He is a weekly contributing writer for The New York Times.

Companies and Investments

H. Bloom (Co-Founder, CEO), Trilogy Software (Sales), Callidus Software, Inc. (Senior Vice President of Global Sales)

Lessons Learned

Brian Burkhart

I decided to create a training program for young college graduates, called the SEED Program, would allow H. Bloom to train promising individual to join the team—working his or her way up the company. I wanted to study a company who already successfully implemented these hiring/training practices. I am a regular contributor to The New York Times, and know you cannot be unafraid to share your ideas.

I realized much could be accomplished by sharing ideas, and I was seeking the ideas of a company with likeminded hiring practices. Studying Enterprise Holdings and their management-training program, I better understood how to achieve his goals. I understand the importance of discussion in the realm of business.

Inspiring Quotes

If you want to change the whole game in consumers’ favor you have to play the whole game.

Glenn Kelman

Startups are so fundamentally crazy, and so optimistic. The idea that you can change the world by building whats in your head is incredible.

John Lilly

If youre not prepared to be wrong, youll never come up with anything original.

Sir Ken Robinson

I am always reminded in tech startups if you survive long enough you give yourself a chance to get lucky; survival & try the unusual!

Vinod Khosla

Bryan Burkhart's Quotes

Know that things can change along the way, but that is part of the fun.

Bryan Burkhart

Shop owners told me that spoilage was one of their biggest issues; they had to throw away a third of their inventory at times. That concept led to the epiphany that a subscription service would be perfect because it would eliminate the spoilage issue.

Bryan Burkhart

Weve invested tremendously in technology, which allows us to run the operations for a perishable product, in a real high service way.

Bryan Burkhart

The way were able to deliver that is a combination of working with one of the best designers in every city were in, and coupling that with a subscription model. That allows us to get terrific flowers from around the world, but only buy what someone has subscribed for, so there isnt any waste.

Bryan Burkhart

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