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Brooke Moreland

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Brooke Moreland is an Austin, Texas-born businesswoman and influential fashion-tech entrepreneur who is perhaps most well-known for founding Fashism, a photo-sharing mobile app that allows consumers to receive fashion advice from other users. Moreland attended the University of Texas at Austin, receiving a degree in photojournalism. She then entered the media industry, producing and hosting a live, weekly Austin television show on female musicians.

In 2008 while shopping with her husband, Moreland came up with the idea for Fashism, as she became frustrated that there wasn’t a platform that helped people - women, in particular - determine whether or not an outfit looked good or was appropriate for specific occasions. After conducting thorough market research and discussing her ideas with friends, Moreland launched Fashism as the first mobile app that provided users instant feedback and fashion advice. At the time, Moreland was also working as Editor of Departure Films, a position she kept as she launched Fashism.

The app quickly gained notoriety, namely from a profile by the New York Times. At its height, Fashism had around 40,000 registered users who spend about 15 minutes a session on the site. Moreland secured investments from such backers as Ashton Kutcher and Project Runway’s Nina Garcia, however, Fashism was forced to shut down in 2013 after 5 years in business.

After Fashism was no longer, Moreland went on to become the general manage of Fashion GPS, the successful software platform that powers important global fashion events, including New York Fashion Week. In 2014, Moreland co-founded Jewelbots, a programmable friendship bracelet.

Sources used to write this entrepreneur’s profile include the entrepreneur’s personal LinkedIn profile, a January 2012 interview with Digital Intelligence Today, and a profile on IdeaMensch.com.

Companies and Investments

Fashism (Co-Founder & CEO), Departure Films (Editor), Fashion GPS (General Manager), Gett (Head of Marketing, USA), Jewelbots (COO)

Lessons Learned

Be very mindful of the decisions you make. You don’t want to confuse people or turn people off of your brand, especially early on.

Mistakes happen, and that’s OK. What matters is how you bounce back from them and what changes you make.

Practice makes perfect, which certainly applies to starting a business. Before you go and pitch an idea to potential investors, make sure you practice, practice, practice.

Listen to the feedback of others and take their opinion into consideration. Sometimes people outside of your circle can see things more clearly than you can yourself.

Make sure your audience understand your brand.

In today’s day and age, it is more important than ever to make your site “sharable” so that you are equipped for viral growth.

Inspiring Quotes

Brooke Moreland's Quotes

I think I have become extremely good at adapting to scenarios pretty quickly. As an entrepreneur, things can change on a dime and you always have to think of a plan B

Brooke Moreland

Don’t be afraid to fail. Fear gets in the way of innovation. Put yourself out there and be willing to take risks. Social commerce, especially where fashion brands are concerned, is still unchartered territory.

Brooke Moreland

Influential Books

Tina Fey - Bossy Pants


Rachel Sklar, Glynnis MacNicol