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Britta Aragon

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Britta Aragon is a cancer survivor, author, natural beauty expert, and the founder of CV Skinlabs, a successful natural skincare line. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 16, Aragon was inspired to do what she does today by watching her father go through two bouts of cancer. An advocate for clean-eating, the paleo diet, natural skincare products, and the power of yoga, Aragon has turned CV Skinlabs into a hugely successful company in the seven years since it was founded.

Established in 2007, CV Skinlabs offers safe, effective, natural, and organic products to help soothe, repair, and restore radiance to sensitive skin. Inspired by the need to offer a product line that was non-toxic and effective, Aragon discovered her passion for promoting self-care through her experience as a caregiver during his father’s two-time battle with cancer. Prior to founding CV Skinlabs, Aragon created the Cinco Vidas blog, a project aimed at helping those suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment and other serious conditions. Since it was established in 2007, the blog has evolved into a popular resource and community, attracting over 30,000 visitors each month.

In addition to her work with CV Skinlabs and Cinco Vidas, Aragon is also the author of the inspiration book, When Cancer Hits, an introspective guide to going through cancer and watching someone you love do the same. Aragon is also an influential guest speaker, raising awareness about healthy, non-toxic living and smart self-care nationwide through various engagements, guest blogs, and more.

Companies and Investments

CV Skinlabs (President and Founder), Cinco Vidas (Founder)

Lessons Learned

Success means something different and looks different for every individual person. However, I think determination is the key to life and be successful.

Be prepared for the unexpected. When you think you’ve got things figured out, chances are life will throw a curveball at you.

Find a coping strategy that works with you - whether meditation, running, yoga, or a hot bath - and turn to it in times of high stress.

When possible, give back to the community and those who impacted you on your road to success. It is important to never forget where you came from.

Be open-minded and don’t take life - or anything else - for granted.

Inspiring Quotes

In the giving - is the getting

David Matoc

Britta Aragon's Quotes

I think if we’re not living on purpose, we’re not really living, and no external thing will ever fill that void of being on purpose and in service

Britta Aragon

I believe that you have to the feel fear and do it anyway

Britta Aragon

Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose. Let your purpose be one that serves others everyday

Britta Aragon

Influential Books

Louise Hay - You Can Heal Your Life

Susan Jeffers - Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway

Britta Aragon - When Cancer Hits: Your Complete Guide To Taking Care of YOU Through Treatment