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Brian Scully

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Musical entrepreneur Brian Scully has been a part of a string of successful musical enterprises spanning more than a decade, most recently as a member of Moodswing Management. Scully began his music industry career in 2002, working as an Assistant Engineer for Unique Recording while attending Full Sail University. After graduating in 2005 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Entertainment Business, Scully took a position as an Intern/Assistant Publicist at Adrenaline PR, working under renowned rock music publicist Maria Ferrero.

Scully left Adrenaline in 2006, taking a position as Director of Marketing at ThinkTank Marketing. At ThinkTank, Scully managed new media marketing efforts, focusing on digital content creation and grassroots blog placement, working with music bloggers before most of the industry embraced them as an effective outlet for music promotion. During his time at ThinkTank, Scully managed marketing for artists including Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas, and Wu-Tang Clan, and played an instrumental role in helping Lady Gaga rise to superstardom.

In 2011, Scully left Adrenaline to pursue new endeavors. As the co-founder of CHAOS, Scully brought his years of experience in music marketing to managing publicity campaigns for clients including Stalley, Nina Sky, DJ Sliink, Heroes x Villains, and Dirty South Joe. After seeing the potential in her first music video, Pu$$y, Scully also crafted the marketing and publicity strategy that turned Iggy Azalea into a star. CHAOS also worked with CASIO and Stoli, producing music-based video marketing projects for both companies. In 2014, CHAOS became part of Moodswing Management, with Scully continuing work in artist management under the new company.

Companies and Investments

Moodswing Management (Artist Management), CHAOS (Co-founder), ThinkTank Marketing (Director of Marketing), Adrenaline PR (Intern, Assistant Publicist), Unique Recording (Assistant Engineer)

Lessons Learned

Our DJs did lots of events at New York Fashion Week. Cultural and lifestyle tie-ins expand a DJ's audience. A fashion designer lends his or her artistic credibility to our musician. Brenmar collaborated with the VFiles designers to program the music for their Webster Hall show. Uniiqu3 did a top-secret Alexander Wang show in Brooklyn. Other industries should seek similar tie-ins to get in front of customers who wouldn't normally see them. (Scully on thinking outside your usual demographic, in Inc Magazine)

I saw Iggy Azalea in her first music video, "Pu$$y." I don't think it had even 10,000 views. She looked like a model but could easily hold her own with any well-known rapper. I told everybody in the office to get on the phone and call every one of their contacts--someone had to know this six-footer from Down Under. And we found a friend in the industry who was working with her. You never know where your biggest client is going to come from. (Scully on unabashedly making connections and pursuing untapped potential, in Inc Magazine)

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Brian Scully's Quotes

You never know where your biggest client is going to come from.

Brian Scully

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