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Brian Lim

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Brian Lim learned to fend for himself and make money from a young age. He was born in Los Angeles to Chinese parents who had escaped communism. His family struggled to make ends meet, running their own business. Lim first began wheeling and dealing in middle school when he sold CDs. He also learned how to build computers in high school, and made money building custom computer systems for friends and acquaintances. While in high school, Lim also provided tutoring services for serious gamers looking to strengthen their skills.

Leaving high school, Lim set out for college at UCLA. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics in 2008. Lim was able to pay his way through college and support himself by various business opportunities including ventures like buying/selling electronics online and working at a legal firm. At UCLA, Lim was a member of Delta Sigma Pi—the business fraternity on campus.

Once graduated, Lim moved on to Deloitte Consulting. He worked for Deloitte Consulting from 2009 to 2011 as a Business Technology Analyst. His job at Deloitte Consulting allowed him to pay off his student loans, and gain financial footing. While working for Deloitte Consulting, Lim simultaneously founded EmazingLights, LLC in 2010. Lim purchased a few thousand EDM-related products and began selling these out of his car and online—and EmazingLights, LLC began. Lims sales took off and he was able to open a retail store at the end of 2010 in West Covina, CA.

Lim’s love of raving and EDM began at the festival Together as One, 2009 New Years Eve. It was here, too that Brian met his girlfriend. His girlfriend was interested in gloving. She purchased a pair of LED gloves, and experienced very poor customer service. After two months of waiting, Lim and his girlfriend resulted to picking up the gloves themselves. With this difficult experience, Lim saw an opportunity for success. The consultant in him knew he could sell an improved LED product, with much better customer service.

Shortly after the founding of EmazingLights, LLC, in 2010, Lim also founded iHeartRaces LLC. iHeartRaces, LLC carries bright rave apparel and accessories. EmazingLight-iHeartRaces is the largest EDM product company in the United States. Lim’s companies have a wide following in the EDM community, and they are esteemed with over 26,000,000 YouTube channel views and close to a million Facebook fans.

Companies and Investments

EmazingLights, LLC (CEO, Founder), iHeartRaves, LLC (CEO, Founder), Deloitte Consulting (Business Technology Analyst)

Lessons Learned

I have learned to overcome adversity in an industry that is sometimes speculated. Many people do not understand gloving, and even chalk it up to the hobby of “druggies”. I want to continue to share the skilled art form of gloving.

Gloving inspires creativity. I work to fight to legitimize the art of gloving with his EmazingLights and through participation, like the International Gloving Championship. These lessons that I have learned can be applied to all aspects of business.

Inspiring Quotes

Love is my weapon. Music is my religion. Peace is in my soul.


It’s Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome.


Drink. Sleep. Revolution. Repeat.


Brian Lim's Quotes

We all either rave, listen to electronic dance music or are light show performers, and I think that resonates within our crowd.

Brian Lim

We want to be the Nike of EDM; the household name for all products around EDM culture.

Brian Lim

I was single and went to a music festival, and, just when I wasnt looking, I found the perfect girl and the perfect business.

Brian Lim

It was magic. Its like your hands are paintbrushes, and your imagination is the canvas.

Brian Lim

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