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Bill Stafford

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Bill Stafford is a resident of Tempe, Arizona, where he lives and runs FlexGround LLC. FlexGround was founded with Stafford’s father, Bill Stafford Sr. The two of them have created the company that provides spongy surfaces for outdoor facilities and areas. The spongy flooring is an alternative to concrete; it is made of bonded rubber bits. The bonded bits provide a surface with traction and padding for safety/functionality.

FlexGround was founded in 2010, and has since seen growth of 1,322%. Stafford employs over thirty people, and he is responsible for the operations of the Arizona service areas. The Arizona service areas include: Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Charlie Robertson oversees the operations of the Nevada service areas, including: Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Colorado.

Since the company’s founding, over two million square feet of the rubber flooring have been installed. The company received multiple honors for the 2013 Inc. 5000, including: #11 for Top Construction Companies, #9 for Top Arizona Companies, and #9 for Pheonix Metro Area. They also were named one of the 500 Best Products of 2014 for Inc. Magazine. In 2013, Stafford and Stafford senior saw 5.1 million dollars in revenue, and the company continues to thrive.

Custom designs can be made through FlexGround. Stafford and company employees are exciting to provide you custom premiere playground and aquatic safety surfacing. Clients include schools, parks, private designs, and more.

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FlexGround (Co-Founder, Director of Arizona)

Lessons Learned

When you see opportunity for business development, a true need for a product, that is the best time to strike. My father and I saw a business world of outdoor equipment, but no safe options for ground surfacing. With this need in mind, we brainstormed and came up with FlexGround. By trusting our instincts and taking action on a promising idea, our family has built a prosperous and sustaining company.

Without overcoming the fear of defeat or dismissal FlexGround would not exist. You must keep in mind that just because something seems hard or far-fetched, does not mean it is not possible. The key is solving a problem with your product. We saw a problem with unsafe floor surfacing, and solved the problem with rubberized flooring for athletic, aquatic ,and other active facilities.

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