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Anthony Katz

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Anthony Katz never meant to be a sport recovery device entrepreneur. After graduating from college with his teacher’s certificate in history, he began to coach basketball and teach at the high school level. He would also hold invitation-only Sunday pick-up games at Capistrano Valley High School in California. A lot of famous people such as Mark Sanchez would play at these games. Anthony’s sore body from these games prompted him to invent the Hyperice. Mark Sanchez believed in the product so much that he eventually helped with the financing.

The product began with neoprene from a wetsuit and bags of ice. After lots of tinkering, clients such as Blake Griffin, Hope Solo, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, and Troy Polamalu began to use the product. By 2011, the word was spreading, mostly by Polamalu, about the effectiveness of the sports recovery device. Blake Griffin is now the face of the product, as well as an equity investor. By 2014, the company had produced 1.5 million in sales. United States Olympic athletes, the English Premier League, USC, Kansas, and Stanford University use the product. The projected sales for 2015 are over 5 million dollars.

Companies and Investments

HyperIce (Founder), California Public School System (Basketball Coach)

Lessons Learned

I like to keep in touch with my clients. I give my athletes my cell number, so they can talk to me about their needs. I can keep control of the product this way, which is important to me. I also don’t have to deal with the middleman or the handlers. I also think it is important to listen to the people who helped me launch this business. I need to know what their needs are. Pay attention to the celebrities’ and athletes’ needs.

I also think you should pursue sponsorships. You should never assume you only get what you pay for, and know who influences the influencers in the business. Those are the people you need to talk to the most. These are some of the many lessons I have learned.

Inspiring Quotes

Anthony knows what he wants, and he gets it.

Rob Marton

He just has such a calm presence and easygoing demeanor. He wasnt pushy. He just let the product work for itself.

Mark Sanchez

Anthony Katz's Quotes

It doesnt seem like its ever been that hard. I dont have any tactic. Im not very forceful. I dont know.

Anthony Katz

A lot of my happiness is tied to my physical activity. I wanted to get the level of treatment the pros were getting.

Anthony Katz

We strive to perfect all of our products and look forward to collaborating with more professional athletes to develop the world’s best prevention and recovery devices on the planet.

Anthony Katz

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