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Anne Raimondi

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Anne Raimondi is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur who has helped grow numerous companies and even founded her own. Raimondi has received both a BA in economics and an MBA from Stanford University, both of which have helped her instrumentally in her professional career. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Raimondi took a position as associate consultant at Bain & Company. She then worked as the senior operations analyst at Gymboree, product manager at Icarian, director of product at Blue Nile, direction of international product marketing at eBay, head of product at Zazzle, and VP of marketing at SurveyMonkey.

Raimondi left SurveyMonkey in 2012 to start her own business, One Jackson, an e-commerce startup that aimed to disrupt the kids clothing industry. With One Jackson, Raimondi supported independent designers, encouraging them to create lines of clothes for kids through a range of design challenges and consumer voting contests. Before launching, Raimondi had secured $2 million in seed capital, including from high-profile investors such as Aileen Lee and Ann Miura-Ko.

After just 8 months in business, One Jackson was acquired by TaskRabbit. Raimondi stuck with the company for nearly one year after the acquisition, serving as the CRO.

In August 2013, Raimondi became the VP of People Operations at Zendesk, a San Francisco-based customer service software company. She soon moved up to Senior Vice President, a role she holds at present date.

Sources used to write this entrepreneur’s profile include the entrepreneur’s personal LinkedIn profile, a profile on Zendesk Management, a November 2015 article in Mercury News, and a February 2016 Forbes article.

Companies and Investments

One Jackson (Co-Founder & CEO), TaskRabbit (CRO), Zendesk (VP of People Operations), ThredUp (Board Member), SurveyMonkey (VP of Marketing), Business Talent Group (Vice President), Insider Pages (VP of Marketing & Product), Zazzle (Head of Product), eBay (Direction of International Product Marketing)

Lessons Learned

Create a workplace culture that is supportive and motivating for everyone in your company.

Pay attention to advice from others and adjust your business plan accordingly.

It pays to have experience in a wide range of industries and areas. You never know when your different skillsets will be called upon.

It is important to be a leader that others look up to and will come to in times of great joy and troubles.

In today’s society, it is no secret that technology is a driving force and something that we need to adjust to.

Encourage work-life balance instead of work-life integration

Inspiring Quotes

Anne Raimondi's Quotes

A lot of studies show that there’s that juncture in women’s careers, that leap between being responsible for executing to strategizing. It happens at the same time women have increasing responsibility in their personal lives, too.

Anne Raimondi

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