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Adam Schoenfeld

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Adam Schoenfeld is the CEO and co-founder of Simply Measure, an analytics and reporting platform that helps you aggregate all your social media data in one place with reports in Excel and Powerpoint. Adam is a two-time entrepreneur, former Analyst and Management Consultant, and a long-time data geek.

Companies and Investments

Cheddar Media (Co-founder), Simply Measure (Co-founder)

Lessons Learned

Adam believes that many companies start with a good idea, but they don't push their customers for the ultimate answer: are you willing to pay for this? This leads to overly optimistic assessments of the market and future profitability. As a result, an entrepreneur may waste a lot of time on pie-in-the-sky projects that are not based in realism and eventually fail.

Schoenfeld's second start up focused on social media analytics. Part of the company's promotions were conducted by covering major events like South by Southwest and analyzing the social media interactions. Providing, free, valuable insights engendered a lot of interest and free publicity, something that combined consumer value with word of mouth advertising, and in effect, generated a lot of business leads.

Inspiring Quotes

You hate to see a player sustain an injury like that, not matter who you root for.

Johnny Volk

Adam Schoenfeld's Quotes

Just explained Snapchat to my father in-law. His reply: sounds useful for Anthony Weiner.

Adam Schoenfeld

We decided very early on that we wanted to design products that people would pay money for and that we could get to a reasonable run rate quickly; that would cover the bulk or all of our costs.

Adam Schoenfeld

I used to like coffee. Now that I have a baby, I absolutely love coffee.

Adam Schoenfeld

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